10% of the Worlds population lives on less than $2.50 per day and cannot afford spectacles.

200 Million People need spectacles to see or Low Vision Aids for people with Trachoma and Cataracts.

This Charity's aim is to promote and provide the available solutions for the supply of spectacles to NGOs and Charities who support the Vision 2020 global initiative.

The spectacle version that will be utilised in disadvantaged areas can be assembled using a minimum number of tools and the requirement for a dedicated glazing facility is removed entirely with pre-made parts.

About Us

About EyeNeedSight

John Snelgrove FBDO is a Dispensing Optician, founder CEO and chairman of the charity; he has invented a new modular spectacle frame design to fit all of the anthropomorphic facial dimensions that vary across ethnic groups such as a low flat African or Korean nose as well as the larger Caucasian nose.

A number of charities and NGO’s are currently attempting to increase access to prescription glasses for disadvantaged peoples worldwide. Ultimately, the existing process; whereby spectacles are donated by every day wearers in developed countries, limits these organisations and NGO’s.

For high quality affordable web design and development in the St Albans and Hertfordshire area, visit St Albans Web Design. John went on to establish “The Optician In a Box”, a dispensing kit that can hold up to 1,000 frame components and 2-3,000 lenses with other equipment as needed. During the development process numerous other possible attributes became evident.

The design provides a correct spectacle lens prescription including astigmatism by using standard precut lenses and moving the rims to the correct distance between the eyes to avoid induced prismatic effects such as double vision.

The modular nature of the system has a number of unique features which allows for up to three lenses to be fitted per eye creating a Low Vision Aid for people with Corneal scarring resulting from Trachoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or other eye conditions that a normal refractive correction provides limited visual acuity improvement.

During the development process, the hinge mechanism was highlighted as a possible method for providing insect repellent around the face, or a drug delivery system directly onto the eyes; so that the wearer can self-medicate their eye condition.

The company’s ethical business model supports the supply of donated frames in that for every pair that is sold on the high street one pair is donated to the NGO free of charge. Our aim is to have 100% of the funds donated allocated to the supply of the products.

The charity may in the future provide services with staff and equipment and at that time the ratio of money donated to product will change, this will be notified on the website when there is a change.

The Governing Documents as agreed with the Charity Commissioners, requires that all four trustees must be unanimous in the decisions made by EYE NEED SIGHT LIMITED. This was seen as an important safeguard to ensure that the trustees would act objectively in the interests of EYE NEED SIGHT LIMITED.

In particular it must be declared that Mr John Derek Snelgrove (Chairman and Trustee of Eye Need Sight Limited) is the Managing Director and controlling shareholder of a company called Style Eyes Limited, which is a commercial trading company. Style Eyes Limited is currently one of three companies that the Trustees have identified as having a product that is deemed suitable, in that it meets the criteria and objectives of the charity Eye Need Sight Ltd.

Discussions were held with the Charity Commisioners regarding this, and it was agreed that Eye Need Sight could purchase products from Style Eyes Limited, provided that the purchases were made at arms-length and under normal commercial terms. What this means is that the price paid by Eye Need Sight must be the same price paid by other prospective independent purchasers.

IAPB.org - http://www.iapb.org/

Vision Care - http://www.visioncarecharity.org

Charity Number 1118076 Registered Charity 1152660

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    • 01727 817132
    • Enhanced Optical Services, 209 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 4SY

Product Comparison

Product Comparison Chart

Astigmatism Centration Power Range Variable Pantoscopic Angle Variable Nose Fit Choice of lens material Website
Adlens Variable Focus Lens Technology* NO fixed -4.50D TO +3.50D NO Pad arm adjustment NO www.adlens.com JustGiving Page
Adlens Alvarez Lens Technology** NO Fixed -6.00D to +3.00D NO One size NO www.adlens.com JustGiving Page
Style Eyes Modular spectacle frame system*** 0D to -6.00D 50 to 80mm -20D to +20D YES Fits any size YES - Any available Style-eyes.co.ukJustGiving Page

* Two lenses moving across one another. Adjustable by user.
** Liquid filled lenses. Adjustable by user.
*** Correct centration avoids double vision. Adjustable centration can correct double vision. Adjustable rims can hold any regular lens shape. The frame allows for up to 3 lenses to be added per eye for Low Vision Aid construction using existing lenses. Additional hinges fitted to the front allow for a flip out flip up additional lens like a watch makers eye glass.

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